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    How to Survive the First 72 Hours of NICU…as a NICU Dad

    A while back I was asked to host a NICU Dads Group at our local Children’s Hospital’s NICU. I thought it was a great idea and immediately jumped online to start researching some topics or just get some information that I could share with some fellow NICU Dads. I looked and looked, and found nothing. Well, maybe nothing is a slight exaggeration. All I found was an article here and there in sites that were for NICU moms. There was nothing out there for NICU Dads. Then I came across Rad White and The NICU Beard Club. Rad had also written a book for NICU Dads, Enter The NICU. I was…

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    Going back to work after the NICU

    I recently came across a post on social media, where a mother shared her plan about returning to work after coming home from the NICU and asked for advice on what other NICU parents did. The thread that followed completely blew my mind! I couldn’t believe how many parents responded and how similar their stories were to ours. Having a baby in the NICU is life changing, and more often, bringing a baby home from the NICU is also life changing. Some parents bring home babies from the NICU who still require a lot of care. They have to make some serious decisions about who is going to care for…

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    What about NICU Grandparents?

    I never really gave it much thought, and it makes me feel horrible to say, but I never really took into consideration what our parents went through when we were in the NICU. What must they have been feeling? How were they coping with everything that was going on? What did they think was happening or going to happen? It took me five years to finally think about my parents, our daughter’s grandparents, and what they went through during our NICU stay. It was not just us who were effected by our NICU experience, grandparents go through it as well. They go through separate NICU experiences both with having a grandchild…

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    My Story. How it all began.

    It was right around Christmas when we found out that my wife was pregnant. Our first daughter had been born at 30 weeks, so we knew we were a high risk pregnancy. We immediately started seeing specialists. We were seeing doctors every couple of weeks and getting ultrasounds on a regular basis. Everything was looking fine. We even started injections, just to be sure that we would go full term. I would have to give my wife these painful shots, which was an event within itself. We made sure my wife was taking her prenatals, eating healthy, and really taking care of herself. We did all of it! Once we…

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    Here we go!

    Thank you for visiting The NICU Dad. I started this blog because like you I am a NICU Dad, and as I searched or looked around, I could not find anything out there for us NICU Dads. We are going to change that! I want The NICU Dad to be a place where NICU Dads can come to read and share stories, get information, or just come and see that you are not alone! There are others who are riding that same NICU roller coaster ride as you. I hope you enjoy The NICU Dad, and please help spread the word!