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    My Story. How it all began.

    It was right around Christmas when we found out that my wife was pregnant. Our first daughter had been born at 30 weeks, so we knew we were a high risk pregnancy. We immediately started seeing specialists. We were seeing doctors every couple of weeks and getting ultrasounds on a regular basis. Everything was looking fine. We even started injections, just to be sure that we would go full term. I would have to give my wife these painful shots, which was an event within itself. We made sure my wife was taking her prenatals, eating healthy, and really taking care of herself. We did all of it! Once we…

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    Here we go!

    Thank you for visiting The NICU Dad. I started this blog because like you I am a NICU Dad, and as I searched or looked around, I could not find anything out there for us NICU Dads. We are going to change that! I want The NICU Dad to be a place where NICU Dads can come to read and share stories, get information, or just come and see that you are not alone! There are others who are riding that same NICU roller coaster ride as you. I hope you enjoy The NICU Dad, and please help spread the word!